Fade To Black!

Out of more boredom, I made a ringtone from an interesting arpeggiated riff from Metallica – Fade To Black. I didn’t bother with proper timing though. 🙁

Tempo to fit in message ringtone: 160 bpm, though it really is a lot slower.

32a1 32e2 32a2 16b2 16c3 8a2 8e2 8e3 16g2
8a2 8c3 32c2 32e2 32g2 16c3 32- 8c3 8e2 8e3
16g2 8a2 8b2 32- 32g1 32b1 32d2 32g2 32d3
16g3 16d3 8g2 8g3 16g2 16a2 16g2 32- 32e1
32b1 16e2 32- 32g2 16b2 32a2 16c3 32#a2
16#c3 16b2 8d3

Yes, it is not pleasing to Dide‘s ears but heck. I like it, and I will let it ring to irritate everybody. 🙂

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