I Shall Find Out

I have a Macromedia Director Shockwave 8 project to do, and I haven’t started. I was supposed, according to a timetable, to hand in the full documentation by the 16th of July, 2003 (two days ago).

Class was from 1100-1300 hours. Oh boy. I skipped it to stay home, trying to figure out what to do. I then called a collegemate at 1300 hours to ask what happened. He said that the lecturer told the class how to do the documentation!

Ironic… there I was, not knowing how to do it (the few collegemates I know have cranky mobile phones). Now, I missed my opportunity to find out.

Ah well, I shall find out from my collegemates today, when I go to college for the bothersome Friday evening/night progress test. Wish me good luck and that the consequences be in my favor!

It shall be a test of whether I’m still capable of Winging It.

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