Monthly Archives: February 2004

Depressing Prescription

A friend once asked, “why is it when guys talk about their ex-girlfriends, they only say how she looked like?”

It took a divine revelation a meeting later to say, “Well, would they be saying what a wonderful personality she had after they broke up, on say bad terms?”

Another friend asked, ” Between two friends with only looks or personality, which would you choose?”

I sarcastically replied:

Looks of course. If you had a problem with the looks person, that’s what friends with personality and intelligence are for! You talk to them and they figure out your problems. Now compare that with having a mindgame with a personality person. Go to the looks person, and he/she will say “I also dunno lah…”

God forbid that I’d have to swallow my words and believe them now.

Who needs honesty when applied psychology works better?