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Friend No More

Jenifer was just talking about deleting Smashpop off her MSN Messenger list because he kept going online and offline to the extent that there were two columns of “smashpop has just signed in.” on her screen!

I then rolled my office chair over to tell him that yes, I had deleted him a long time ago for doing that. I didn’t block him though.

Okay fine! I delete you then. Not like I talk to you anyway.

He then looked for my nickname in his list. He couldn’t find it! I checked and found my nick there, without telling him which one it was. Oddly, it wasn’t the latest one… I then checked two other colleagues’ lists to see what my nick was. They were all different!

Well then, wait for me to get online, then delete me lah.


It would be nice to dream in black and white like Justin Guber does. That way, you’d know that you were in a dream.

In a hopefully not too distant future, bionic research would’ve increased, and by a brainwave scan, we’d be able to get live feed from the audiovisual section of the brain. Connect that to a recorder and we’d be able to record our dreams!

A budding director could have a movie marathon, fall asleep, and record his debut horror flick in his dreams. Psychics could record their visions. Most importantly, we could get Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson in the same pr0n flick. (What, did you expect me to name some real pr0n stars? They’ve probably already had those collaborations…)

I Just Had Something Cool To Say

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few.

I don’t really care about politics man, but as I got this result, I do believe I will be saying the following sentence to whoever asks what I think about Bush:

I do believe that the United States of America have made the right decision by picking a leader that represents the nation. =D

Southern Anna Log

I have so many blog links in my About Me! page that I only check them twice a month, and I got lazy on the October ones. Dustyhawk! How do you do it?

I have to many blog links that it seems more than three people have the same Blog-city, Blogdrive and Blogspot layouts! Then, those who do change their layout change to something I’ve seen elsewhere. Heck, I beam with pride knowing that despite the Xfresh blogs having only 9 skins to choose from, we have more tasteful (and not so tasteful) user-made skins. I think Diaryland bloggers have the best layouts… too bad they got that irritating IFRAME and 1-entry-per-page thing.

Oh, and for those who worried about my Western Digital hard disk… it’s alright. Last month the following happened:

Windows said “Updates are ready for your computer. Click here to install the updates.” So I did. My computer then went into SHLWAPI.DLL Entry Point Not Found errors. I had to reinstall Windows (not a full reinstall, but it’s not the Repair option either…) I then let the Windows Update install the patches one at a time, rebooting in between. I then installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 and tadaa! Everything was fine…

Of course, when transporting the CD writer to my main computer, I might’ve knocked a cable loose.

It was a clear Friday night. I was online, then on the phone. When I came back, my brother pointed at the screen, saying it restarted by itself. “Book disk failure” or something. The BIOS didn’t detect the hard disk!

It was too late and too dark to perform surgery.

Damn, there was a lot to backup, considering I had less than 1GB in each of the 3 partitions of the hard disk!

On Saturday I called Fazri amongst others to ask what to do. He gave the most insightful advice – listen for the hard disk motor. I turned on my computer. Again, same error. I turned off my secondary computer (the one I took the CD writer from) just so I could listen for the hard disk.

I couldn’t tell if it was my power supply fan making the noise, so I rolled out the computer table. Click! Whirrr. YAY! Somehow, by rolling out the table, the hard disk was connected again. It booted up fine, and I backed up what I could to the secondary computer via the network.

Still, I got scares from back when I first bought the WD800JB (80 GB PATA 7200 RPM 8MB cache for those who care) – sometimes, accessing folders froze the computer for a minute. After partitioning into 5, 35 and 40 GB parts, I formatted all of them, but the 40 GB one said there was an error in formatting after it was done! Scared, I formatted it again, and it worked since.


Could you take a picture?
With the right zoom and aperture?
I want you to capture
My vividness and color

Oh golly gosh there’s the flash!
Pay off my shadow with cash
When the light shines, I am the highlight
I shall be dark again and out of sight.

Eleven Days

I shall add numbers to these days.

My router has been blinking for a week, refusing to connect, hence my lack of updates.

Wednesday 20

I went to The Backyard Pub, a pub somewhere off Sri Hartamas to see Justin Guber rock out at the Tribute To Jairus Anthony. This wasn’t your regular pub – it had a pretty modern-looking website! While waiting for Triple 6 Poser to perform, you could hear good ol’ classic rock playing. Stairway To Heaven and the like.

Dammit, Justin Guber has a Danelectro! Sweet.

The next band played mostly Beatles covers. The bassist had pretty bad harmonizing. Eep. The guitarist broke his Telecaster’s B string. Could Justin Guber save him? “Mine’s left-handed sorry.”

SWV was way better; the guitarist did Santana spot on, and during soundchecks he was soloing. They did danceable 70’s and 80’s hits.

Thursday 21

Avenue K is a new shopping mall right next to KLCC. It was barely occupied, with long tunnels to lead the imagination astray.

There was even a Kim Gary there! Mmm condensed milk on toast. Unfortunate it was that dinner was already at home, so I did not go for the one chance I would get to eat at Kim Gary without waiting queues like at Midvalley and Sunway Pyramid.

That’s a first for a mannequin pose.

Friday 22

KFC’s Ramadhan combo was cun. The chicken soup tasted like liquid mashed potato! It went surprisingly well with the rose syrup.

Monday 25

William took a picture of this; doesn’t it remind you of the Half-Life trash can?

Tuesday 26

I watched Shark Tale. It was cool. It was funny. Problem was, it didn’t have the emotion of Finding Nemo… it was all about Will Smith in 3D, spouting cliche hispanics in self-parody. It also parodied the mafia (how ironic that Martin Scorsese would voice Sykes…)

Mafia: If you understand what I said, nod your head.
Will Smith in 3D: *gulps and nods his head*
Mafia: Okay. Now tell me, did you nod your head?

Wednesday 27

I forgoed this week’s The Backyard Pub gig to meet up YK and Hannna. I then found Warm Paw instantly, upon picking out her distinctive voice amongst the Kayu Nasi Kandar SS2 din.

Thursday 28

I got myself the BenQ DVD DD DW1620 DVD burner; it was loaded with 16x DVD+-R, 4x DVD+-RW, 2.4x DVD+R Dual Layer, and 40x24x40 CD speeds. However, it didn’t have support for DVD-RAM unlike my LG GSA4040B (which has gone on a long vacation.) If the LG ever comes back, I shall be able to turn practically anything. 🙂 The TDK burner I wanted to get mysteriously disappeared from every shop I asked; that one was faster, at 48x24x48 CD speeds. Oh and I saw the jacket-less DVD-RAM in the big computer hypermarket up one level from the main shops in Low Yat. What timing.

I forgot if I ever mentioned that I had a GeForce 2 thanks to Syefri. My brother and I can finally race in Need For Speed: Underground.

Saturday 30

After passing Jenifer the-phone-forgetter her phone, I reloaded my Touch N Go at the Kelana Jaya station (which said it was down.) I then headed to Taman Bahagia LRT station. It was 6:30pm.

I decided, out of total nothing-to-do-ness, to walk to Uptown.

By 7pm, I had reached the “I” shape of SS2. I asked Tracy for directions to Restoran Murni, thinking it was near Kayu Nasi Kandar… alas, it was in the SS2 “square” instead, which I already passed! Ah well. I walked back on the highway and Jasmine spotted me as I crossed at the traffic light. How cool is that? I figured that it would be wayyy easier to bump into someone on the LRT than on the road… but it’s not the first time; Cara has called me as she zoomed past in Masjid Jamek. Maybe Klang Valley is that small, just that some of you are too sleepy to notice me crossing the road.

I reached Uptown at 7:30pm and had McDonalds. It was still torturously early for the Halloween gig at Paul’s Place; its specified time was 9pm, but they started at 10pm!

Spungy Funggy played, with Azmyl on drums, to be replaced by Ben the b***h (look I don’t wanna get on the bad side of any office’s website filtering system) on the last song.

13 Voices In My Head, or 90 degrees out of 360 Degree Head Rotation, played next, with some mellow screamings coupled with a beautiful 12-string.

Kawowski was less depressing. He did a killer cover of The Verve – The Drugs Don’t Work.

Frequency Cannon broke their good-boy image with Kua Chee on the didgeridoo.

(Red) Indian versus (Jamaican) Predator.

Kua Chee the Siamese Cat. Aww c’mon man you know you don’t need contact lenses to be cute. 😉 His shirt just makes me wanna go DUDE! and do that hand symbol with him.

For all their effort, I’ll post up a double-sized picture of their Halloween effort.

From left: Azrul loses massive chunks of weight, Ape man reveals his secret identity as the Tak Nak! poster boy, Siamese ca… dude, funky Jay Kay, and peace-loving rocker Predator.

While all those costumes could’ve been bought at Toys’R’Us, the next band, Ciplak, brought true shudders. Ronnie of Furniture shows us he can get even more experimental, making anti-music, where they make sounds that must not sound musical. The drummer was excellent; first he became Ben’s b***h by running up to his crotch, in complete garb (satire anyone?) and then he drummed most dramatically. Amusing act indeed, though others didn’t think so, and where they go I shall follow, missing Ben’s B***hes and Thundercoffeeclub.

I politely declined a coffee at Starbucks because well, uh, my urine smells of caffeine after that. I found out I wasn’t the only one! Perhaps our bodies did not process the caffeine (which explains why coffee doesn’t work for me anymore.) It wasn’t always like this.

We then lepaked at Uptown.

An apparently closed shoplot.

Or apparently not. A guy spoke over the walkie talkie, saying he couldn’t find a Size 10 Adidas.

Kua Chee then sent me home, and on the way, two racers cut us. His quick reflexes saved us from a deep shave.

Oh and I’ve updated my links in About Me! – check out Ian, Tech and YK.