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Matrimony In Black-And-White

28th December 2007 – Cherrie Chan and Brandon Heng got married! So here we were down in Pearl Point Hotel. Here’s Rames!

Left to right: Shaz, Nervous Nelsen and girlfriend.

Shaz, who counts as two people where one is his date. 😀

Yamseng on the colleagues table!

Yamseng on our table!

Left to right: Shaz, Eri Peng and Eugene Chee.

Ever photogenic Sabrina!

Left to right: Brandon, me with 3-year long hair, Waifon, Cherrie Chan Heng.

Frances and William.

And more of that.

Jenifer and Sabrina.

Shaz, photographed by Shaz.

The fifty is pretty nifty.

Of course, all of these were shot in color and converted to black-and-white.

Juneshine 2010

10th June 2010 was Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, down at Laundry Bar.

This is Slowjaxx!

His wife and son! (This was a focus-stacked shot.)

Into the void.

This is the happy jazzy Bedroom Sanctuary.

Funky happy bandmates! They did a cover of Nirvana – Lithium and a most excellent cover of Daft Punk – Something About Us (if there is one song I could ask them to cover this would be it.)

The return of singer-songwriter Ariff Akhir!

Among the originals they also did a cover of Rolling Stones – Spider And The Fly and Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here.

135mm F1.8 1/6s ISO3200 – only because I don’t have a better caption.

Hey you pay attention coz I’M THE BAWS!

David Knight, experimental multi-instrumentalist with a penchant to trip your mind.

Despite all the ambient sounds his instruments makes, he does first and foremost have a haunting voice!