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Laundry X AHM Records: YouTube Thursday

8th May 2014: Laundry X AHM Records: YouTube Thursday at Laundry Bar, The Curve! I regretfully missed Dee Yaz.

First act: Country-influenced Amrita Soon!

Cool braids.

Darren Teh of An Honest Mistake, and An Honest Mistake Records, as emcee and organizer.

The theme was YouTube Thursday, and this is one famous YouTube star.

Elizabeth Tan!

John on guitar.

She was sporting a nifty vocal harmonizer, which she used to great effect.

The sweet vocal harmonies of Hani & Zue followed. This is Hani!

This is Zue!

I’d have remembered them from Zarul x Hani x Zue, an awesome vocal trio with keyboard and guitar. This is not Zarul, but a band member…

…of a band.

They’d also gotten a louder rock sound.

For some reason I thought they were sisters before, but they are not.

Meanwhile, in the crowd, Google Glass!

Last act of the night: Christian Palencia!

This would in fact be the first time I’d see him as a band.

Drummer in zen.

Some said the bassist reminded them of a mini Zaim, himself a prolific bassist.

Jocelyn on keys.

Kadri on bass.

Hipster overload on guitar. But man, can this dude play hot licks!

Christian berates me for having fun with captioning.

Yi Shien, sans glasses.

Christian, sans jacket.

He also sported a drumstick to later hit drums with.

He zings the crowd…

…and the crowd gets zinged.

Sometimes I don’t see them making faces for the camera until after I see the picture.

Pisco Live Mic Vol. 2.17 featuring Cassandra Mary, Talitha Tan and others

7th May 2014: Pisco Live Mic Vol. 2.17 featuring Cassandra Mary, Talitha Tan and others, at Pisco Bar!

The ever cute, cheeky Talitha Tan! She brings out the cheek-pinching uncle in me.

Daryl Diengdoh on cajon and backup vocals. An amazing ICOM talent!

He also took the guitar for a spin.

I’d have wanted to say it was Talitha’s guitar, but then she has a knack for borrowing guitars since her beautiful Taylor strangely does not have a pickup. Here’s Raja Farouque peeking over and learning her chords!

Meanwhile, in the back, Keino Mess listens in a sarung.

Suet Li! Long time no see, from the Xfresh days, now an awesome teacher.

In between sets, there was an open mic session.

So you’d have people coming up on stage singing impromptu.

Hameer Zawawi! He couldn’t hear himself, causing a bit more strain, but I have to say it made his voice even more interesting. I also went in, took one picture only, and was so pleased with it that I didn’t have to take any more of him. This is his grunge look.

Talitha and gang were back, for a second set, because she’s happy (Pharrell Williams – Happy was played, obviously.)

She channelled power from within.

Her mom watches on. Oh and yes, Happy Mother’s Day!

It was then time for the next act, Cassandra Mary.

She’s got this awesome chilled rocker sound, with heavy influences of John Mayer. (She calls her guitarist a Chinese John Mayer. He lives up to that expectation.)

Ryan Lee Bhaskaran on drums.

Mr. Bassman.

Some people say she reminds them of Melina. I beg to differ. It’s a different vibe; not in a bad way at all, either.

Definitely a cool act to make a point to check out again. Whisky!

Tiah Ridhwani LIVE @ The Bee, Publika

3rd May 2014: Tiah Ridhwani LIVE @ The Bee, Publika!

This was in conjunction with Lot 36, a Saturday night series at The Bee, Publika.

The few times I’d been to a Lot 36 show they’d always put up some class acts!

Familiar faces.

Yvonne! *points* My friend my friend!

Faz Aznam in hiding. With Yvonne, they perform as Calico.

David, sporting a new hairdo.

If I had to describe her voice in one word, it would be: Woman. There’s a specific intonation to this that I can’t spell in words. Y’know?

Regretfully, I did not stay too long, as I alternated between two gigs at two opposite ends of Publika.

On the walk back.


2nd May 2014: PicitPlay@VCR, an acoustic night at VCR Cafe, down at Jalan Galloway, opposite Pudu Jail and up the ramp.

The event was for charity, for the stray animals of Pudu that they’d like to call strays of Galloway, and Tasputra Perkim, a daycare for special children who are physically, visually and mentally disabled in Ampang Hilir that needs healthy food supplies.

First up: More Than Me Music, formerly known as Masha’s Berg.

Awesome, awesome acoustic guitar work, with nice solos.

Emcee for the night.

Photobombing crowd of the night.

Them shoes.

Afiq Fauzi. Nice voice, plus he did a cover of Foo Fighters – My Hero.

This area of VCR Cafe, upstairs, used to be occupied by a pop-up store that made little black dresses.

This area of VCR Cafe, downstairs, leads to the toilet. Everyone is playing with their smartphone, except one guy – only because he’s out of juice and charging!

Just So You Know. Basswork was particularly mesmerizing.

They too covered a Foo Fighters song – Everlong, to be exact.

Next up: An Honest Mistake!

On the right is Darren; Ashley is on the left.

I really like Ashley’s hair here. For once I am unable to unequivocally declare who has the nicest hair in the band.

Oh and yes, videos of every band.

Darren’s students.

And then, to close the night…

Diandra Arjunaidi!

Lovely lass with a lovely voice.

I then bumped into Avril Chan, who was looking so triangle that night. So triangle, if her car broke down she could stand behind it and cars would know to avoid it.

We then adjourned to Wong Ah Wah, across Jalan Pudu, on Jalan Alor, for some of that awesome fried chicken and fried stingray fish. Here’s a random fat cat enjoying stingray skin.

Moonshine: Spotlight / May 2014

1st May 2014: Moonshine: Spotlight / May 2014 at Laundry Bar, The Curve! Here’s Reza Salleh, organizer and emcee.

First act, Brian Gomez!

The famous keeper of Merdekarya, an awesome indie music venue that is still authentically indie. He keeps it real with shorts and slippers, because he understands Malaysian weather.

One of the few rare acts to inject plenty of humor in lyrics.

Also got a bluesy twang.

The only musician who can top him in humor is Rafique Rashid. The only. That says plenty.

Meanwhile, outside, was a booth selling CDs.

Hell Low and Azmyl Yunor recorded an EP, on cassette tape! Those without pencils and cassette decks however would be saved by the download code inside.

Gotta dig the new signage.

Meanwhile, outside, damn kids and their selfie sticks!

Next up: Hell Low.

They hailed from Singapore!

‘cept this guy, Ronnie Khoo of Malaysia.

Effects for the slow emo.

I was thinking he looked like a Chinese Dave Grohl…

…so imagine my disappointment when he didn’t sound like one.

Still, they’ve got an interesting melancholic sound.

This reminds me to go out and find a thumb pick.

I wonder if there are violinists who use picks.

Video crew, and a book.

Ronnie, from the top.

Anise, on violin.

Azmyl joined in for a song!

This is apparently doom folk. It has to be, with song titles like I Left My Father In Bukit Panjang.

Next were local boys Jumero.

Jared Lim on guitar.

Ryan Gomes, not related to either, who met them while playing football in their neighborhood.

They play funky acoustic, laid-back music while looking laid-back.

A random table outside who asked me to take their picture. Perhaps this will reach them… by osmosis.

Ryan teleports to the drums, and they go into a Bee Gees cover!

The crowd goes wild!

Michael, the M in Jumero.

Then came pure unadultered folk.

Azmyl Yunor!

He speaks of tales of buses and work and not working at work, and reminding you to stick it to the man because it was Labor Day/International Workers Day!

(I didn’t know until recently, that International Workers Day was to commemorate a massive protest that led to shorter working hours – 8, to be exact. So remember the significance of the 1st fo May when you work more than 8 hours.)

He was backed by his band, The Sigarettes.

Just three.

Interestingly, none of the acts had more than 3 band members.

I love the lighting so much I’m going to post more pictures of Azmyl.

He never disappoints when it comes to ending his electric performance – here he is running into the crowd and using a metal table as a guitar slide! That, I had never seen!

This one, and rolling on the floor, were a bit more usual.

Seventy-Fazz Percent

30th April 2014: Fazz at Table 23! (Yes, I am not following chronological order, as I have only time for a small set; the blog post that was supposed to go up spans 3 events.)

Table 23 gets stripped-down acoustic-styled performances.

Grace, on keyboard, in the middle.

Raja Farouque on double bass. Rather cool that a double bass would encourage the right hand’s fingers to rest on the fretboard, making for visible smudges!

Kevin sings… and dreams a dream.

Farouque, adjustin’.

Now wait, where’s Jone? You’re not Jone!

Instead, they featured clarinet player Lydia Ong. So this was Fazz with Lydia Ong.

She played a lot of the lead melodies that I’d otherwise hear from Grace’s synthesizer (a separate keyboard on top.)

And yet, it sounded like it fitted right in, with their cabaret Broadway-styled music. It was as if those lines were meant to be played on clarinet.

Group picture on the stairs leading to Ah Fatt Tyre Shop & Bar, just above Table 23!

Checking Polaroids. The first picture was misaligned, due to parallax error – the viewfinder is not on the same axis as the lens, so the closer the subject is, the stronger the parallax. Strange that it should happen at distance that is commonly used for Polaroid work!

I then went over to Pisco Bar to see what was going on. Azmyl Yunor & The Sigarettes!

The Sigarettes.