My Wallpaper Is Live!

This is so cool I just can’t not blog about it right away. I usually intend to blog with my proper watermark done in Photoshop (which my work laptop does not have, legitimately so) but I beared with Picasa’s watermark for this.

Ah yes, I do have some new acquisitions, whether I like it or not – a work laptop to kill my back with, a new camera (of which its identity will be revealed later in a full-on geeky post) and this – a worthy successor to a smartphone of its time, my trusty Nokia N70.

So yeah, this is the coolest Live Wallpaper ever. It animates, and you can set the difficulty (which affects the number of enemies Mario encounters). And it’s Super Mario World, my favorite Mario of all time! Now if only I had the time to get the ROM in SNesoid Lite

(And yes, I had to wait for Maxis to release their lock on this phone, and I don’t like the locks that turtlenecker puts on his phone. Long live Adobe!)

Edit: Oh yes, get it here:

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