The Domino Effect

Eating at Domino’s seems to be literally a Domino effect. You hit a domino, and another domino falls. So on and so forth until every domino falls, making pretty colored patterns and raking in money for the (not so) fast pizza chain.

Sometime ago, I was bumming around Subang Parade, and I saw Nando’s and was reminded of the last time I had dinner there with Leech. Feeling lucky (I bumped into quite a few people on the same day they contacted me) I called her and whatdyaknow? She was there too.

We went to Domino’s because she had these discount coupons, and we tried the double decker crust pizza. We were also conned by the fine print (details on her blog). I explained the problem to the manager-like person. When the bill came, they gave me those same three discount coupons! We left, and the waitress smiled and thanked me. Leech grumbled, “no need to smile at me ah…

This wasn’t the first time people in the service industry smile or say goodbye to me, totally ignoring and (thus) incensing whoever I’m leaving the joint with.

I kept the coupons till one fateful day I was in Subang Parade again, and I had a personal pizza this time, using the coupon.

Anyway. I wonder if people only eat at Domino’s because they have coupons. I wonder if people go:

Hey! So where do you wanna eat?
I don’t know… where do you wanna go?
Hmmm. Domino’s looks good. Not as thick crusted as Pizza Hut.
Hmmm yeah. But do you have a discount coupon?
Argh. Nope. Ah well, let’s just go when we do have one.

Domino’s has never successfully delivered pizza to my office on time. They screw up office extensions! Everytime we collect the pizza, we get a coupon/card so that we get the Domino effect. Sucky service yes, but a brilliant marketing strategy. They know what us cheapskate Malaysians want.

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