They Mashed Up Again

YK, you will love this.

Black Smiths. Black Sabbath meets The Smiths.

Just like Beatallica (who plays Beatles songs in the Metallica sound, but sounding totally major-key), Black Smiths play The Smiths songs in the Black Sabbath sound, but sounding minor and Sabbath-like, thank goodness. Or at least I think they’re playing The Smiths, because I haven’t heard much of them, except The More You Ignore Me (though I recognize all the Black Sabbath riffs.) You get the Black Sabbath production sound and Ozzy’s grouchy singing. You can even download their entire album in MP3 format!

4 thoughts on “They Mashed Up Again

  1. John Rice Post author

    I saw BlackSmiths at Thee Parkside in San Francisco. HOLY SHIT!!!!!! That was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I picked up the CD and unfortunately it doesn’t do these guys justice at all. The quality is not the greatest, by far, but seeing them live blew me away. Genius!!


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