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What: The Breakfast Club (a play based on the 1985 hit movie of the same name)
Who: Krystle W. (who is sooo cute but look hot in the poster), Reuben W.J. Kang, Branavan Aruljothi, Christine Ellis and Kelvin Wong. Yep, the dudes and dudettes from Rojak! and fiftynineminutes.
When: 8:30pm on 4-6th January 2007; 3pm on 7th January 2007
Where: KR Soma Auditorium, Wisma Tun Sambathan, 2 Jln Sultan Sulaiman (Off Jln Syed Putra)
How Much: RM20 (students and senior citizens), RM30, RM40. Book with Sheikh Faisal (019-2990279) or email

Click for the poster.

Click for the map. (It seems to be closest to the Maharajalela Monorail station.)

Click for the official site.

Oh and here’s a random picture from last year.

Mannequins feel the cold, too.

So I was at Rudy‘s Christmas party, and he had the XBOX 360 on one side, playing Fight Night Round 3

…and the much more fun Wii Sports for Nintendo Wii on the other side. They’re playing boxing here with two connected controllers per person. Yes, it actually works! They can block by just putting their hands up.

It works as you’ve seen on ads. Imagine you’re using the real thing. For example, you have to really throw force on the controller to play bowling. I got mostly spares, not strikes. 🙁

Of course, there’s always a risk of endangering your safety with such a fun console as the Nintendo Wii, so remember to check out:

The Japanese Super Safe Wii Safety Manual

There’s also Wii Safety: The Missing Pages.

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