Rocking To 2007

The first Moonshine of 2007 on the 11th of January had many greeting me “Happy New Year!” although my happiness subsided 10 days ago.

Who the heck is Paolo Delfino, and why are girls speaking lushly of this acoustic singer-songwriter?

Oddstars, oo la la.

Hehe the drummer smiles too!

Guest vocalist.

Karen Nunis Blackstone. Folk rocker.

Who has rather otai-looking members…

…like the great bluesman Julian Mokhtar.

Funk/jazz rockers Seven will always be recognizeable by afroed Bobo…

…who is also a member of Cosmic Space Munkys.

And not forgetting the saxophone.

Random shots; top-left and top-right: Rachel; bottom-left: Athira who looks cool; bottom-right: the Laundry Bar blogger (what, you thought she really wanted to take your picture because you were sitting around looking cute?) and Eddy the hard rocker.

The next day I headed to Jamasia for its relaunching.

The Epiphone SG guitar that once hung from the ceiling now had a grander spot.

The bar relocated to the back. Debbie makes AWESOME cocktails, with interesting names like Naughty Chocs, Twist And Dip, Electric Berries and Do The Haka. There’s also something that blows the McDonalds McFlurry – the Snickers Pimp. Like melted Snickers!

If you tire of mamak drinks in Desa Sri Hartamas, come over to Jamasia for funky fruity/sweet alcoholic delights.

Where is Jamasia anyway?

Behind the Maybank in Desa Sri Hartamas.


Jamasia is now open 6 days a week, closing only on Monday. Tuesdays are jam nights, where anybody can bring an instrument and play. There’s a gig every other night, including Reza Salleh‘s new Feedback series.

Speaking of which, his band played for the relaunch.


Reza and gang. Finally got to flash Jamasia with my digital SLR!

One Buck Short also did a short punk rock set.

Something I rarely blog about in Jamasia gigs (but is tradition) is the drinking game, where the winner gets a jug of beer. Adam, the usually malevolent-looking screamer of Dragon Red, looks so cute with emo glasses!

Oh, and the best thing about Jamasia is that it is now non-smoking, like The New Paul’s Place. Smokers will have to sit at the stairway.

9 thoughts on “Rocking To 2007

  1. Janice Post author

    Hey again. You’re always at laundry aren’t you? and jamasia, haven’t check that place out yet, will check that place out soon i guess 🙂

  2. Ian Post author

    Jamasia? I was thinking of dropping by after reading a small article on them in the Star newspaper days ago.

    I wonder if that place is any good.

    Haha! Funny pictures of Rachel! ^^*

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Janice: You have to have to try out the drinks. 😀

    ShaolinTiger: I’m almost always there when there’s a gig which I promote on my blog. I don’t think I’ll be there the rest of this month, though.

    Boss Stewie: I have baaad video-taking skills. 🙁 However, I think Cyber-Red has videos. 🙂


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