Monthly Archives: January 2005

What’s In A Name?

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that the few movies that I’ve seen with Matt Damon in them have names in them. Not only names, but names that are easily confused for English words.

For example, “Good Will Hunting“. Its grammatical structure puzzled me for ages. Shouldn’t it be “Good Hunting Will” at least? How was I supposed to know that Will Hunting was a name?

Then there’s “Ocean’s Twelve“. Why not “Twelve Oceans” or “Ocean Twelve“? It wasn’t till I watched “Ocean’s Eleven” that I understood that Billy Ocean was a name.

Of course, I knew that “Saving Private Ryan” starred Matt Damon as Private Ryan, and should not be read as “Saving Ryan Privately“.

I researched and found that there were a few more coincidences – “The Bourne Identity” and “The Bourne Supremacy” were both grammatically correct, if Bourne was a British way of spelling Borne. “The Majestic” is the name of a cinema.

At least a title like “Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron” made it somewhat obvious that Spirit was a horse. But heck, that movie kept me at the edge of my seat. Leaning forwards, hand in elbow that is.

Beyond, say…

Destiny’s Child – 8 Days Of Christmas

Ah, the wonders of modern songwriting. Has anybody heard this materialistic song?

You know Christmas was made for the children

Well golly gee they remember their church roots.

I’m so in lo-lo-lo-lo-love
How I love him for his generousity
My man, my man, my baby

Like children, they look forward to Christmas for the presents. Destiny’s Child alright.

On the second day of Christmas my baby gave to me the keys to a CLK Mercedes

Whatever happened to Independent Women Part II, with:

The car I’m driving, I’ve bought it

Oh well, you’d need to buy her a car to keep your backdoor pass. I’m not talking about when she’s on stage, y’know.

That was so last year, man.

Last year, for New Year’s Eve, my original plans were to go to Shelley‘s gig at One Utama, but that was cancelled because it was decided everybody should be in mourning. So we have another gig-less season (most recently, Ramadhan). Hey, life must go on for those who are still (cursed?) with mortality. I can’t go around with a frown all day.

And so, I went with Shaz to a barbecue party (everyone was celebrating at home). I had my fair dosage of carbon, with this:

With Shaz portions (10 pieces or so) I thought that with a full stomach, I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by my first whiff of:

Needless to say, the first 3 breaths of coke shisha were dizzying in a welcome way. I soon got used to it, timing a 37 second slow intake.

Not everyone was used to it. After refilling however, it was too strong for me, and the icky flavor stayed inside me. Maybe that’s where all the missing smoke went. Maybe it’s the carbon dioxide in coke. I felt regretfully bloated, but that feeling quickly cleared when I touched and played a beautiful acoustic guitar. Maybe that’s what Jimi Hendrix felt. He must’ve been going “dang, that is nasty“. And then he picked up his Stratocaster and made magic.

Fortunately, the new year morning had no jams this side of the road.

Oh and the above trippy pictures were taken with this new baby:

I bought her from William.

I won’t be taking high-resolution shots just yet, since it’s only got 16 Megabytes on an SD card. I am however looking forward to getting a 512 Megabyte Reduced Size Multi Media Card (512MB RS-MMC) card for it. Why? So I can swap it with such lovelies like this:

The Nokia 7710.

I could transfer pictures to its internal memory, and then transfer it to its own RS-MMC card. Yes, RS-MMC cards are smaller, and the Nokia 7710 (as well as my Canon Powershot A400 digital camera) still use regular full-sized MMC cards, but I’d get RS-MMC because it can fit in an MMC slot with a clip-on extension. Do you not see the potential? Transferring from a digicam straight to phone without going through a computer would be awesome.

Edit: The 7710 is not mine; my friend works with Nokia.