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Finally, the reason why I would’ve paid for the Sunburst Music Festival a certain 15th of March 2008 – Incubus!

Brandon Boyd!

Jose Pasillas!

They started with Quicksand and Kiss To Send Us Off from Light Grenades, then skipped back to Morning View with Nice To Know You and Wish You Were Here, and played one last Light Grenades track, Anna Molly.

DJ Kilmore!

Mike Einziger!

You want some real Mike Patton-esque stuff?

Me: YEAH!!!

And then they took a trip down funk metal lane, down my favorite S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album, with Vitamin and My Favorite Things!

Not everyone here is that f-ed up and cold“, we all sang along to The Warmth, uncut of course. They also played Drive off the Make Yourself album… which was a song Brandon said he wouldn’t play the last time Incubus was in Malaysia. So he finally did. They also played what I guess would be Ben’s retooled Are You In?.

Brandon appeared with a guitar for Pistola!

Have some feedback.

Uh, I think he overdosed.

Continuing the series of A Crow Left Of The Murder songs was a chilled out Talk Shows On Mute and the solo-rific Sick Sad Little World.

Oh I’d also like to wish happy birthday to Ben Kenney.

Yeah, this former guitarist of The Roots.

And as a present to the ladies, Brandon took off his shirt!

What next but staple song Megalomaniac?

Encore! The crowd screamed for Stellar and they played it.

One of my favorite returns to the old metal style was Circles.

Mike on the pipa for the smooth-flowing Aqueous Transmission. I’m not sure if I remember DJ Kilmore doing a little Magic Medicine before this song though.

Alright show’s over. Have a drum stick!

And so in total, they played 2 songs from S.C.I.E.N.C.E., 3 songs from Make Yourself, 5 songs from Morning View, 4 songs from A Crow Left Of The Murder and 3 songs from Light Grenades. A good balance, I’d say.

The last time they were in Malaysia, they played 4 songs from S.C.I.E.N.C.E., 2 songs from Make Yourself, 5 songs from Morning View and 7 songs from A Crow Left Of The Murder. Oh, and Pantomime. 8 songs were played at both concerts, which was great that they gave us a fresh setlist!


More shots from Sunburst Music Festival! 15th March 2008. Second last batch, I promise!

Raol Midon!

He sings full of soul, R&B with just an acoustic guitar and a load of fingerstyle and guitar tapping.

Though, like his idol Stevie Wonder, he cannot see his fans, for he is blind. But his musical vision goes far beyond! (Spot the Davina who was going to flash him hehe!)

This is how you make your guitar become an entire band.

Then there were The Roots, hip hop represent!

Though, without guitarist Ben Kenney (who was performing on stage much, much later…)

All shots with the Tamron 200-400mm F5.6.

John Legend was more than a man on piano. I’d only heard Ordinary People, heh.

I didn’t know that he was also a sex symbol, and that he played killer covers of Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music and The Beatles – I Want You (She’s So Heavy).

Plus he had walking guitarists behind him…