More shots from Sunburst Music Festival! 15th March 2008. Second last batch, I promise!

Raol Midon!

He sings full of soul, R&B with just an acoustic guitar and a load of fingerstyle and guitar tapping.

Though, like his idol Stevie Wonder, he cannot see his fans, for he is blind. But his musical vision goes far beyond! (Spot the Davina who was going to flash him hehe!)

This is how you make your guitar become an entire band.

Then there were The Roots, hip hop represent!

Though, without guitarist Ben Kenney (who was performing on stage much, much later…)

All shots with the Tamron 200-400mm F5.6.

John Legend was more than a man on piano. I’d only heard Ordinary People, heh.

I didn’t know that he was also a sex symbol, and that he played killer covers of Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music and The Beatles – I Want You (She’s So Heavy).

Plus he had walking guitarists behind him…


5 thoughts on “Sunburst-D!

  1. noel Post author

    hahaha, looks like you too decided to stand in the crowd instead of the photographers area.

  2. KJ Post author

    haha at last.. u’re using the 200-400.. hehehe.. the soloist looks awesome.. hehe din’t have more pics of him playin? =P

    was he just playing one note? =P

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    KJ: I imagine it would be harder to hold a chord…

    noel: Haha yes, needed some fresh air!

    thegeekinpink: hola! Yeah you too!

    aldo: Ah. Not that I’ve ever seen Dirk on stage to tell the difference. 🙁


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