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Delayed Loop

Feedback Open Mic at Cloth & Clef, a certain 8th November 2008.

R.I.P. (Rock In Peace) Gene Simmons!

Yes, they were still in the mood for Halloween. If you saw how much they decked out the place, you wouldn’t want to take them down, either.

This man waits, nevertheless.

The Theory Of Change. They had an angry song, Killing Anna. Wow.

George, meanwhile, was emo with a capital E.

Steph has been drumming for a very, very long time.

Reza Salleh, Melina William, and their FANS!

Oh look mom I can do diptychs too!

Boohoo, I used to do diptychs before I even knew they were called diptychs. Left, Nick Davis with some angry acoustica; right, Wani Ardy with some mellow acoustica.

Ferns, who has a really nifty CD cover. Go check it out.

Left, guitarist; right, his effects cheat sheet.

Left, Haziq; right, Anuar. Anuar asked us what we wanted – another sad song, or the blues. I voted for the blues and was the majority.

Left, Tom; right, his delay/loop pedal.

I love it when white singer-songwriter dudes come and they play with delay/loop pedals! A few examplary one-man-band bands I have witnessed and enjoyed were Jamie Woon, David Knight and Tom I-don’t-know-his-surname.


Petrina was doing a hilarious petwalk catwalk.

Darren Ashley rips out a soulful rockin’ tune and wakes everybody-the-f-up to get up and jive. He is that cool. Gotta dig the beat-boxing skills, yo!

He got some white people to dance to Sweet Home Alabama. I think. But then, white guys (and girls) dance to anything. That’s why they call it the white guy dance. Because they don’t have to listen to cool music to dance. Not that Lynyrd Skynyrd is not cool. After years of shouting FREEBIRD! at every performer who takes a pause between songs, I still have not seen it happen.

And whoa, he has long fingers. I tried to replicate the same position. What a stretch!

Ending the night were crowd-shakers The Ramanados. What a refreshing gig that was!

Downstairs, Downtown

This is Wani Ardy. She looks very student-like, yes?

She’s a lecturer.

Moonshine: A Homemade Acoustic Show, October 18th 2008!

These are some camwhores.

Reza Salleh, organizer.

This time around, it was downstairs at The Apartment Downtown, KLCC.

Soft Touch, long time no see! Songs about peace and the polar bear never get old.

Man, was metering tricky! Gotta push DRO+ the next time; the frames behind keep getting blown out. But the lights look like wings.

The aforementioned polar bear.

Szetoo is the real gangster, yo!

Azmyl Yunor practices outside.

He’s a lecturer, too!

With Reza on one of his classic folk singalongs!

I just wish Azmyl would make his students come to see his shows, as he did back then. They were quite a bunch!

Szetoo doesn’t look as funny as some people do when she looks through the viewfinder and closes the other eye.

Time Out, No?

Apologies for the hiatus, I’ve been busy. Here’s Time Out KL’s On The Up, one 15th of October 2008 at No Black Tie.

Kokokaina spotted in the audience!

Tony Leo Selvaraj. Usually I do not fancy tilted pictures unless there is an element that is grounded to the 90 degree angles of the picture (in this case, the microphone.)

Crowd stalkin’.

Thing One, fantastic instrumental band. Expect no less from ICOM!

More crowd stalkin’!

Nish on keyboards with an expression pedal makes funky Keytar-like sounds!

The crowd is amused!

Four Letter Story, modern rock. The music sounds uncannily like Broken Scar‘s! The vocalist even sings like him and has the same slightly gruff voice!

They covered Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby.

And finally, the amazing Adil Johan Quartet Quintet.

Oh well, I lost count. Here are guest vocalists Otam and Melissa Suciato.

Le fans.

Le drummer, a long missing Alex (who we hear has gone to his roots for a hiatus…)

One of…

Doze 2. Again, guest rapping. But Adil does good rapping himself!

I doze 2! (Or at least look emo.)


I didn’t catch his name.