Downstairs, Downtown

This is Wani Ardy. She looks very student-like, yes?

She’s a lecturer.

Moonshine: A Homemade Acoustic Show, October 18th 2008!

These are some camwhores.

Reza Salleh, organizer.

This time around, it was downstairs at The Apartment Downtown, KLCC.

Soft Touch, long time no see! Songs about peace and the polar bear never get old.

Man, was metering tricky! Gotta push DRO+ the next time; the frames behind keep getting blown out. But the lights look like wings.

The aforementioned polar bear.

Szetoo is the real gangster, yo!

Azmyl Yunor practices outside.

He’s a lecturer, too!

With Reza on one of his classic folk singalongs!

I just wish Azmyl would make his students come to see his shows, as he did back then. They were quite a bunch!

Szetoo doesn’t look as funny as some people do when she looks through the viewfinder and closes the other eye.

9 thoughts on “Downstairs, Downtown

  1. Waifon Post author

    u knw what they say about guys who try to make fun of particular girls. kj dont have to make it so obvious okay HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH we all know la please.

  2. Wani Ardy Post author

    first time reza came to my show (which was the first time i met him face to face) he approached me and said, "you’re like the female version of azmyl yunor. folky-lecturer!"

    uh oh.

  3. szetoo Post author

    the one time i seem to open my eyes properly someone actually goes: WOI YOU THINK THIS IS FOR FRIENDSTER IS IT -___-"

    what gangster gangster gonelah my reputation!

  4. Jannah Raffali Post author

    Haha I see me sesat there…

    I love the angle you took of KJ taking picture of Sze Too and Wani Ardy. Can even see him smiling so wide like that while snapping the pic.


  5. Albert Ng Post author

    Jannah, you have amazing spotting capabilities. I didn’t even notice him smiling there while taking the picture! You look like you’re going "eeeyer camwhores!"


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