KJ, Yo.

This is KJ.

Wah terror!” some bystanders say. KJ shot this, I think.

He might’ve shot this, too.

Yo-yos sit on his finger like a perched bird.

Flash, and some Photoshop, gives a black background.

Yeah he’s been doing this a while, as a professional yo-yo player even.

You might even spot him in a clown costume sometimes.

All of these shots are crops of the Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye through the Tamron 1.4x teleconverter (which gives a nice frame-filling shot and catches about everything I’d like to see without feeling like the yo-yo would smash into my camera anytime soon.) This is an uncropped, unprocessed shot to show what it originally looked like. There is a slight out-of-focus in all the images because it all looks in focus on the manual-focus Peleng.

A star for your efforts.

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