AV Talent!

It’s pimping time. First off, check out Ahmad Fariz’s site!


This guy was my ex-colleague! And he was just a webdesigner there. Check out his Frequency Cannon videos.

And then, there’s this most kickass video from the band Lied, singing Binky.

Adlin why’d you leave the band? Who else would make an angry angsty rock face and sing it the way you do? Now the video is null because you’re not the singer! Done by Adam Kitingan of Flirting With Sleep, who I’d met briefly with his cool uh… post rock band?

It’s quite cool to find out that people you know secretly have a secret supertalent at making videos.

He also made a 35mm relay adapter for his digital video camera (to give it shallow DOF like 35mm film movie cameras), though I don’t know how that looks like compared to Khai‘s.

2 thoughts on “AV Talent!

  1. Lex Post author

    that’s one heck of a cool video… too bad adlin left 🙁
    and dude, I’m back in KL. Just today. See you hehe


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