Jeremy wished me a Happy New Year, and may this year be more random than the last. So here’s some randomness!

Shrek ears!

Which way is up?

This beer is real gassy.

Looks like somebody’s been reading too much I Can Has Cheezburger.

Y’know, this one.

Who tiled Kenny?

Just what does the design of the crocodile pliers remind you of?

Upskirt. I did not discover this view. That honor goes to another pervert.

Midvalley Gardens. Pinnacle of modern creature comforts and *in Chinese accent* Capitalism!

While opposite, lies the ruins of a village.

Zoom 100%!

I’ve always wanted a place nearby the Bangsar LRT station; it’s nicely in between everything.

10 thoughts on “Randomate

  1. Waifon Post author

    yerh! shrek ears very geli! and the picture below it is a telephone booth!! Upside down i knw nyehehe u kenot trick me. i has good eyez. Cat eyez I says.

  2. LogicYuan Post author

    i didn’t know there was a ruined village there.

    thanks for the comments on the pic. i was just simply trying when i took the pic. lens cap picture means auto focus? i don’t know anything yet.haha..i just set macro mode then use manual focus.

    btw i think i saw u a few weeks back when u were walking on the road towards ur workplace outside the stadium.i live in arena green..haha

  3. KJ Post author

    guess they are building a skybridge at the Kampung Kerichi there to make way for visitors to go to mid valley and demolish hundred or thousand of people staying at that kampung for duno how many years d.. just a bridge.. according to newspaper..

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    KJ: I’m guessing it’s a bit more than a bridge, a flyover-sized bridge by the size of the kampung? Still, it’s sad.

    Waifon: *rubs*

    LogicYuan: The joke is that with a lot of people who just bought their first camera which is a dSLR, their first picture will be a lens cap! We have no idea why.

    Towards? I think I only walk from TPM to the LRT station. From the LRT I certainly take a bus or cab.


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