Ally Fun

* Photoshopped to remove address and chat. Could be further edited to read “boys are mean a lot to me” instead of “boys are mean” hehe.

Doubled my Russians says:
hey wait a minute, you’re not pinkpau!

�.�.�* pinkpau says:
i wish i wasnt

Doubled my Russians says:
it’s not you! she has color and doesn’t look like an elephant!

�.�.�* pinkpau says:

Doubled my Russians says:
yeah, and she’s kinda tallish too
which makes me wonder, how big are baby elephants?

�.�.�* pinkpau says:
very big

Doubled my Russians says:
like, how big? bigger than a pinkpau?

�.�.�* pinkpau says:

Doubled my Russians says:
okay, what did you do with pinkpau? what do you want with a pinkpau, oh giggly monochromatic baby elephant?

�.�.�* pinkpau says:
giggle! im not saying!

Doubled my Russians says:
did you eat her? she certainly looks delicious

�.�.�* pinkpau says:
albert do you know any nice guys who wont break my heart

Doubled my Russians says:
i’m sure there are nice guys out there who see beyond looks, size and heft
elephants can be endearing and adorable in their own sweet way
so, i’m sure you’ll charm some guy’s heart with your elephant giggle
i just know it

�.�.�* pinkpau says:
sigh i just keep getting the feeling that all they want are my tusks

Doubled my Russians says:
don’t you say that!
i know there are songs about what you got inside that trunk
but not every guy is like that.
a real man will keep you and will respect your tusks till death does you guys apart
i mean, yeah there are those who marry elephants for their tusks and hope for low life expectancy and sell their tusks
no wait, why’d i say that
not that i know anybody who does that!
i just… heard from a bird
you know, those little birds
that hop on the backs of animals and whisper stuff
but you know what TRUE LOVE is?
when you both put your full tusk in each other

6 thoughts on “Ally Fun

  1. aronil Post author

    Wahh deep deep.. i never knew a conversation could be about tusks with a giggling dumbo :P….. whats wrong with your "thump thump" pau pau?

  2. Rithan DejaVoodooSpells Post author


    my friend pointed me to your site
    n i just wanna say that u have amazing pictures of us ‘dejavoodoospells’

    would you like to work with us on our upcoming single promo shots ?

    please drop me a line

    awesome work man

    keep it coming



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