My new office featured a grand relocation; I am now seated amongst a bunch of quiet workaholics.

We were having lunch with newfound colleagues who usually sat at the other end of the office. Somebody cracked a joke, and I laughed.

Eh, your laugh is like Lisa’s!” (Names changed to protect privacy.)

Oh really? I’ve never heard her laugh before even though she sits opposite me. She’s always busy at work.

You know, this means something! You guys are meant to be! Fated! No other people I know laugh the same way!

Fortunately, Cupid never shot any arrows in our direction.

I know someone who eats Indomee the exact same way I do, and we share the same preference for food and have the same food allergies. Does Cupid shoot?



While it would be cute, it would eventually be too horribly cutesy for everyone, the way we do everything alike.

(…though an opposite-like couple can still be horribly cutesy, heh.)

9 thoughts on “N.H.M.

  1. Janice Depp Post author

    Allbeerttoo… stop copying how i eat everything n what food i like k? wtf my allergies also want to copy??? u’re a monkey albert, a monkey


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