Last Gig Of 2007!

It was the No Black Tie Acoustic Countdown one 30th of December 2007.

Otam, who we all think sounds black.

We kid you not the kid has the blues the folk and the gravel-y voice to pull it through. Plus some catchy melodies.

Azmyl Yunor! Good ol’ folk singer with a touch of humor.

Mia Palencia! This lady got a lot of soul.

Paolo Delfino Gomez! Jason Mraz/John Mayer styled songs about the opposite gender. Of course, he doesn’t take upon it too seriously, with some of the funniest lyrics sang that night.

Reza Salleh! Emotional, heartfelt ballads with lush compositions, and modern rock numbers. *

Pete Teo is almost the Man In White. Folk, with a touch of something else. *

Raffique Rashid, yay! Always the one with the funniest stories told in lyrics. He had the most booming, classic, dramatic, macho voice of them all. I don’t quite know how to describe it. *

Shelley Leong! Jazz-tinged musings of life. *

…and, of course, the violent guitar slapper and tapper, Az Samad.

This is the double-tap…

…and another, in double time!

Technical details:

All shots used the Sony Alpha 700 with the Minolta 70-210mm F4 “beercan” lens shot wide open at F4. Yes it’s scorchingly sharp. All shots at ISO1600, except the second animation which mixes two sequences of ISO3200 and ISO6400. Finally, the last animation was entirely in ISO6400.

* pictures marked with an asterisk might’ve been taken by Waifon or Patrick. I’m not sure exactly which but that means my style can rub off on other people wow!

17 thoughts on “Last Gig Of 2007!

  1. Eugene Post author

    Good one! At last someone posts pictures of the event. I was at the farewell gig at the Top Room held about the same time.

    Nice pics!

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Eugene: No problem jazzmeister!

    Michelle: Only the double-time one is, at 10 FPS. The first two are at correct speed, 5 FPS, as my camera shot it.

    macdude: Now let’s see some drifting GIFs!

    Waifon: Which one! I don’t remember, probably the one with Raffique and Pete (doesn’t feel like my composition.)

  3. Waifon Post author

    i kinda knw tht you will reply hahaha aaaaanyway yes the pete teo picture. I thinkt he reza salleh one too!! Cos I showed off and said see I can take nice pictures also! Err if wrong then sorry la no shame haha. oh hmm.

  4. Hui wen Post author

    hi, I love those concert.
    but never get a real chance to attend.
    hmm..can be email me if there is another concert?..I would love to see az samad and Shelley Leong


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