Groove With The Social Charity Carnival

10th October 2015: Groove With The Social Charity Carnival at The Square, Publika.

First band: Dotters’ Division. Here’s Rebecca on drums!

Audrey the untaggable on saxophone and percussion!

Jie Er on bass, was previously untaggable but can be tagged on Facebook now by non-Chinese literate folk like myself.

Linet on keys!

Melissa on vocals and guitar!

She likes bokeh so I’m going to give that to her.

They harmonize well.

Linet leads the band and coordinates their wardrobe.

Barang baru, bass banyak cantik!

I haven’t actually shot them at such a big stage where I can get a fair bit of space.

I also don’t usually climb the stairs to get high wide-angle shots like these.

Funky shoes.

Funky music.

The Big Band! They covered Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam, among other not-commonly-covered rock classics!

Another band where I don’t recognize Jared Cheow yet again due to his changing style.

A band I finally got to see – Hydra!

They take turns to sing.

High energy unit.

Crowd gets down to groove!

Uptown Funk was playing, I think.

This guy is from another band with a coordinated wardrobe.

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