AHM Records Presents: Discovery Thursday (October)

15th October 2015: AHM Records Presents: Discovery Thursday (October) at Laundry Bar, The Curve. First up: Ryan Deedat!

Drummer behind a new glass panel.

Kent Sim, emcee.


Broken Scar!

This sound engineer/singer-songwriter who was known in the KL scene was back in town for a few days.

He’d been in Melbourne, trying to suppress his accent, but it eventually bubbled up.

Some new stuff, and a classic Ozzy-like grin.

His real name is Kevin Teh, and his brother is the organizer, Darren Teh, of An Honest Mistake Records. Darren joins him on stage.

Last act of the night.


Much feeling.

Much screaming.

Later, after the gig, Joe Loy was being schooled on the Rubik’s Cube. This is the new plastic-capped version, costing more than twice the price of the stickered version. It apparently performs better, but I can’t say I am any faster on this. I do love that I’ll never have to worry about peeling and discoloring stickers – especially in tungsten light, where you can mix up yellow and orange.

I don’t remember her first name, but Ms. Wong here did a good job of explaining the methodology of solving the cube.

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