How do you make a photographer feel loved?

Spot the two pictures I took (presumably, Paolo passed his camera to a friend, who assumed that only pictures of Paolo should be taken. Don’t worry, it’s quite common that some band members are more photographed than others. Must be Paolo’s ever interesting hairdo.)

So how do you make a photographer feel loved? Give him credit, and a free ad. (Oh and hello Wan Lee remember me?)

Original from here.

Kinda alike, but the CD I burnt for Paolo has outtakes!

I’m in a band, how do I get pictures from you?

If you see me at a gig, you can ask me to burn you a CD. *

* CDs don’t come free and neither does Photoshopping full-size photos so I’ll charge a nominal price.

You will get your band shots faster, within a week!

Of course, you can always grab the shots from my blog when they come up (anytime between 1-3 months delayed) but they will be smaller sized and have that watermark. Makes it easier for you also because you don’t have to add “this picture was taken from” yourself. 🙂

If the pictures are of your band, feel free to take it for your Myspace account. That’s my contribution to the underground scene, but credit me lah. 🙂

9 thoughts on “How do you make a photographer feel loved?

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    udjinn: No problem!

    ShaolinTiger: Ah yes congratulations on your poster! (I have one of those.)

    KJ: Eh no lah this one college magazine only lah not The Sun newspaper heh.


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