Pisco Live 3.22 presents OJ LAW

21st October 2015: Pisco Live 3.22 presents OJ LAW at Pisco Bar, Jalan Mesui. First up, Impromp2.

Hello Luqman, with a looper and an Ed Sheeran catalogue.

Danissa with some heartfelt originals.

Ryota Katayama.

Then came the act we waited 4 hours for, past midnight, for.

OJ Law!

Ham, on that crunchy noise guitar.

Quite the opposite of his pedalboard with Seven Collar T-Shirt!

Love the classic 80s sounds coming out of that drumpad.

OJ Law has got catchy hooks everywhere, be it his melancholic acoustic stuff to the electro-tinged new stuff. We were all too tired to ask for an encore, and perhaps the organizer crammed a bit too many opening acts.

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