My Lovely Man

You know you’re screwed when you can relate to love songs written by gay men.

Elton John – I Want Love

I want love, but it’s impossible
A man like me, so irresponsible
A man like me is dead in places
Other men feel liberated

I can’t love, shot full of holes
Don’t feel nothing, I just feel cold
Don’t feel nothing, just old scars
Toughening up around my heart

But I want love, just a different kind
I want love, won’t break me down
Won’t brick me up, won’t fence me in
I want a love, that don’t mean a thing
That’s the love I want, I want love

I want love on my own terms
After everything I’ve ever learned
Me, I carry too much baggage
Oh man I’ve seen so much traffic

So bring it on, I’ve been bruised
Don’t give me love that’s clean and smooth
I’m ready for the rougher stuff
No sweet romance, I’ve had enough

Other gay men who write such beautiful songs are Freddie Mercury and Rufus Wainwright.

4 thoughts on “My Lovely Man

  1. Syakir Post author

    Freddie is actually bisexual. Mary Austin, his ex long-term girlfriend, whom he wrote "love of my live" for was described as irreplaceable which suggested that he remained bi till his death. Elthon said he was bi but after a decade in 1984 claimed that he was full gay.

    So maybe bi men feels more deeply but M.Nasir is straight and he performs with his heart on his sleeves (or however that saying goes).

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Jen: You bet they do, despite what you’d think with the polygamous stereotypes that go around.

    Syakir: Oh yeah I read that – she got a spot in the will, too.


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