Em Prompt Too

I got a phone call one night from dear-Rubik-cubing Emily.

Emily: Hey man, do you have any pictures of me? Could you send them to me? I’m going for a casting tomorrow and need some pictures…
Me: Okay I’ll try, don’t remember if I have anything decent without a Laughter-Of-Emily look.

Fortunately, I found these, taken at a McDonalds in Ampang.

I don’t even remember why she started posing on the sofa.

Often, I prefer the serious look. It complements her Oriental features. Why the tight crop? I didn’t change from my 50mm F1.4, heh.

I sent it off later, and got this message the next day:

Hey, thanks for the picture man! I nailed the gig!

Ah, what joy!

Of course, I think there are a few hundred other people who take better portraits than I do, but it’s nice to know your picture helped someone get a job.

This is not Emily, but this shot got her in for something. I don’t remember what though. Ironically, this was totally casual and impromptu, too!

15 thoughts on “Em Prompt Too

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Tides Of Tears: I’d like to take some credit for the picking of angles too heh. 😀

    saifulrizan: Yeah, missing important shots happen. Not bad wah the manager contacted you!

    KJ: I don’t know what Altec Lansing 5.1 means yet, but it sounds better than DBKL… which she told me about that nickname herself LOL.

  2. Tides Of Tears Post author

    I can see why the last pic got her into something… she’s got a nice sweet pose. Of course a pair of well-sized (+ )( +) and tight (_|_) helps too.

  3. saifulrizan Post author

    Well, the closer I get similar to your story is when the official photographer of one main event here forgot to get the shot of the artist performance at the closing ceremony.

    I gave him my picture.

    He never say thanks but Ezlynn really like it!

  4. KJ Post author

    altec lansing.. she’s LOUD.. well.. she don’t need a PA system for a play in KL Pac.. she’s the loudest among all.. =P hahaha well.. xianjin calls her speaker girl.. i calls her Altec Lansing 5.1.. as loud as my speaker.. LOL =P

  5. Albert Ng Post author

    KJ: Wahahaha! Nolah she’s a monkey.

    the interesting specimen: Not to mention, illegal and light-stealing!

    Jia Meei: I hope some of me rubbed off on you on that fateful accident, and you can now take awesome pictures! Or maybe some of you rubbed off on me and I can now fit in people’s pockets.


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