12th Penang Island Jazz Festival 2015

Note: Edited 10:10AM +800 GMT 30th December 2015 with corrections from Yin and Viv Adram.

4th-6th December 2015: 12th Penang Island Jazz Festival 2015. But first, here’s a random shot of Kien Lim who I bumped into in China House, Georgetown, on the 3rd of December 2015!

Next day, 4th December: Nurul Rahman, at the Bayview Beach Resort Grand Ballroom.

Fred Cheah.

Viv Adram.

Keyboard solo…

…led to the fusion of CaboCubaJazz.


They invited guitarists up to jam. Spot the Az Samad!

Saxophonists, too, Derek Brown included.

Next day, 5th December: Stellar Daze.

They were playing at the Bayview Beach Resort Lobby.

The Bayview Beach Resort Gardens!

Angelika Niescier NOW Trio.

I didn’t manage to catch the rest of the acts, as I retired to sleep as I was down with a bad flu.

Last day, 6th December: Nina And The Butterfly Fish had a workshop.

Teaching polyrhythm.

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