27th January 2008 – Balletbase at the KL Performing Arts Centre Open Day.

Yep, it was scorching hot that day.

I love healthy ponytails!

Emmm-iii-lyyy! I forgot what this act was called but they were using rings to make chimes on the metal bars.

Bilqis Hijjas leads…

…and follows.

Had the light been different it might look like a kick.


Now where is the secret switch?

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s less punchy treatment and slightly cooler colors.

I think somebody went to the toilet.

I can do this too!

All shot with the lesser-exercised Cosina 70-210mm F2.8-4 1:2.5 Macro lens on my Sony Alpha 700. Color is different, still very contrasty, but I’d say a tad more likely to burn highlights.

5 thoughts on “KLPAC OD 1

  1. ewin Post author

    waaah nice pictures man….
    how come you are not using beercan?

    how much is cosina 70-210.?
    beercan is cheaper right? considering this cosina is f2.8-4

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    KJ: *tsk tsk*

    Sammy: I like tails of all shapes and sizes. Got an affixation for them.

    ewin: I wanted to use this under-used lens for fun, to see how it was like. The color is different, CA is higher, and the bokeh and sharpness is weaker. However, it makes up by having 1:2.5x macro and F2.8 at 70mm!

    I got mine at RM450 through cityfish but the only other place I know that I’ve seen this at, was in Bintang Maju, Maju Junction, but under a different brand. Just look for the same range and "Minolta AF" and you’d have found it!

    Syakir: Thanks!


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