Rock the World 15

12th December 2015: Rock the World 15. Time for my annual pilgrimage to the Bukit Jalil Car Park!

Awesome gate.

First band I caught: The MASH, at the Indie Stage.

Over at the Noisy Stage, Sekumpulan Orang Gila.

Meanwhile, at the Main Stage, The Pilgrims.


Emcee for the Noisy Stage.

Fadhil, emcee for the Indie Stage.

Big, emcee for the Main Stage.

Incarnation, Noisy Stage.

Abang Rom.

Tona Warna, Indie Stage.

Subculture, Main Stage.

I found Wally… I mean, Waldo…

Bil Musa, Indie Stage.

Fook was part of her band.

Restraint, Noisy Stage.

ACAB, Main Stage.

Love how the rest of the band is coordinated.

Grey Sky Morning, Indie Stage.

Backstage, in the artiste lounge area, I found Sonny with a cool tattoo.

Tres Empre, Noisy Stage.

Alright, how many watts/coils is your vape again?

Sometimes I get lucky with the lighting.

It was getting dark, and the stage lights were on.

Massacre Conspiracy, Main Stage.

Standard metalcore vocalist pose.

Sonny guest bass playing for…

An Honest Mistake!

The Indie Stage, like every other stage, was getting rained on.

Now follow me as I do a guitar flip…

Sonny’s guitar strap came off, throwing the bass on the floor! He picked it up after getting over the shock.

Business as usual, boys!

Pew pew pew!

The Padangs, Noisy Stage.

Nastia, Indie Stage.

Sil Khannaz.

They dominated the Main Stage.

Thy Regiment, thy Noisy Stage.

I’d pop in the artiste area again, to see Izzy blocking Sheryl’s smartphone usage.

Koffin Kanser, Main Stage.

Some crowdsurfing, as always.

Kids On The Move.

Noisy Stage, where vocalists are prone to coming to the barricades.

Langsuyr. From this point onwards, the acts were all at the Main Stage; the other two closed for the night.


Radhi, of course.


They invited a guest vocalist.

Everybody seemed to know the simple singalong lyrics.

Double bass.

There’s an innocent face under those dreadlocks, but I’ll put this picture instead.

Plague Of Happiness closed the night.

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