Flash, Bang?

Sony HVL-F42AM mass order TT session part 2 – night scenes at the mamak! Click for part 1.

The poisonous Minolta 35mm F1.4 shot Ranceed.

35mm F1.4. Seen is MR.Shiney‘s Sony Alpha 350 with his newly bought Sony HVL-F42AM flash.

35mm F1.4. AhMike. A very normal shot with a very normal 35mm.

35mm F1.4. MR.Shiney. The dude in the background was distracting to the picture, and yet is separated due to the backlight on MR.Shiney’s shoulder. Lucky shot, I’d say!

35mm F1.4. zaharizal yo!

35mm F1.4. Thanks to thisiskj for holding the flash.

35mm F1.6. Thanks to thisiskj for holding the flash, and our smoke machines ihsan_29 and guladansusu.

I prefer this shot, too bad it was windy.

One thought on “Flash, Bang?

  1. KJ Post author

    eh u forgot to mention how many ciggie were involved in the asap shoot.. hahaha cancerous.. dun do it at home.. deadly and hazardous to the smoker and 2nd hand smoker.. haha


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