And now, for the leftover shots from a March 9th 2008 Putrajaya outing with a bunch of Sony Alpha 700 cameras!

Part One here.

Nic gets full blast.

KJ conjures a shoe.

A clown should be able to pull some magic, like multiply it by 3.

…I don’t even know where the towel came from eh, KJ?

This is the remix.

Aligned using Adobe Photoshop and made into GIF animations using Adobe ImageReady.

How did we do it?

The bundled Sony A700 remote, and 5 A700s on tripods. There were problems with coverage though, as often the remote might not hit all 5 cameras at the right angle. Only my camera controlled 6 flashes wirelessly. Other cameras had to have their flashes off.

Manual focus was used, and ironically, we had a few A100 and A200 users, of which we borrowed their kit lenses for color and sharpness consistency. There was some variation however, as we forgot to account for differing UV filters and the flare that came with them.

(Thanks y’all!)

As for alignment, we used a yo-yo string (thanks Ewin!), though anything with variable length shouldn’t be used. Height was compared to a pillar nearby, with a F56 mounted, pointed straight up. To check levelness, the top of the F56 was compared to a fixed point of the pillar using a mobile phone, and the camera plus tripod was rotated to ensure evenness.


18mm F8 1/5s ISO400, 5500 Kelvin White Balance.

Thank you for your kit lenses:
Clive Ngu

Thank you for your A700 cameras:
Harry Choo

I have a more refined idea that can do a 360 degree rotation. Till the next time!

10 thoughts on “Quinteye

  1. Ewin Post author

    lets do it again!
    i wanna be in action! haha
    damn nice eh the effect..
    didnt even know that the outcome will be so coooool..hahahhaa

    Thanks albert for the idea..

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Nicholas.C: Haha! I wonder too. Of course it had always been possible, just that nobody thought of it. I just copied them, that’s all. 😀

    saifulrizan: Yeah man!

    pinz: Hello?

    Ewin: Yeah man! We’re gonna yo-yo you!

  3. pinz Post author

    ehehe.. i put a comment. but i put six in the box hahaha

    howcome you never reply my facebook msg 1… *sobs*


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