Leaning Towards A Tilt

George, shot by Ted Adnan with my Vivitar 24mm F2.0 Tilt-Shift lens.

I think I stopped down a wee bit and did a tilt forward to get an insanely deep depth of field.

I tilted left to get the entire scene in focus, even with the lens being at F2.0!

Tilting to the right, however, gives the opposite effect. Scheimpflug principle in use.

Happy (belated) Birthday Jack! A side effect of tilting is what it does to points of light, like the candle on the cake.

This is the standard limit that my DIY tilt-shift with the body cap can achieve.

Removing the body cap removed the angle limitations, and it was free to tilt to extreme angles. Only problem would be that light could leak in the back of the lens much easier.


This is my wait in the bus.

Rail in focus… and so is the seat on the left.

Broken pole! The entire assembly was swinging from side to side.

Another removed-body-cap shot.

24mm on APS-C makes great sense – it’s a classic normalish-wide focal length.

You get the same angle out of a point-and-shoot.

Guess That Trashcan pimpin’ after this!

7 thoughts on “Leaning Towards A Tilt

  1. ...the Other Ted Post author

    Dewd, just or kicks, I gonna make one T/S lens with a LF lens that I have lying around the Office aka BareBone™ and compare results with yer one lah *grins*

  2. brian. Post author

    Eh.. I don’t want the prize.. I don’t believe you have any pics of me either.. Give it to the runner-up!

  3. brian. Post author

    Oops I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or what.. Haha but yeah..

    BTW dude I lost your number, lost my stupid phone, text me so I can save your number again!

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    ahlost: You can tryyy but I don’t know which of your lenses would support this…

    brian: You got text! And you win the prize!

    Ted: Ooo er, the distance from the lens to the film plane is quite big and might leak in a bit of light. So you’ll wanna do it the old school way, with cloth draped over lens LOL. I tried with the Carl Zeiss Biometar 80mm F2.8 for Pentacon Six medium format and it was a heck lot harder to maneuver than the little 24mm. But I am pretty sure it will be a bucket of fun!

  5. Albert Ng Post author

    ke-boboyan: I’ve tried Lensbabies – the original, 2.0 and 3G. It’s easier to hold, but I don’t like how tiny the sweet spot is, and how I cannot really get the effect of deep depth of field. Also, 50mm is harder to work with when doing wide shots that show one person in focus and the other out of focus.


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