More shots from Sunburst Music Festival! 15th March 2008. This series features local bands who played at night.

One Buck Short, pop punk rockers.


Joe Flizzow!

…featuring Duan of Seven Collar T-Shirt on guitar…

…and an entire ensemble for hip hop!

JFK steps out into the light.

Reza Salleh offering an electric alternative rock set.

Adi the freebie tosser! I miss you dude. And that Search – Fantasia Bulan Madu crooning in the office which you did so well!

Meet Uncle Hussain, indie with a most powerful vocalist.

But none beats Amy Search. Amy Search!

Search played. None of the classic stuff I knew, sadly, but plenty of rock and roll and hard rockin’.

Estranged. Quite estranged from the funk metal band I used to know.

So what’s cooking next?

An international artiste snuck into this entry. Incognito!

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