Open Mic @ Barlai #21

10th March 2016: Open Mic @ Barlai #21 at Barlai, Jalan Sin Chew Kee. Here’s Keino Mess!

I finally got to record his massive earworm, Busk. You’d hear it and know. Whyyy?

Ian Tai was hosting the night.

The F.O.I..

They covered Estrella – Stay. It’s always nice to hear it sung by a different timbre of voice.

Speaking of timbre, here’s Nicholas Sia.

Armand Tanzarian always brings something interesting to the table.

Ian Tai, well, just has songs about hipsters and boobs.

Lucy Smith and her enchanting ukulele.

Tan Soon Tiong Music is his own band.

Sounds Of Kites. Obviously, on a windy day, with a looming purple overcast.

Izzul Syafiq Mazlan wins the hat competition.

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