Feedback Open Mic ft Aina Abdul & Sid @ The Bee Publika / March 2016 Edition

22nd March 2016: Feedback Open Mic ft Aina Abdul & Sid @ The Bee Publika / March 2016 Edition. Here’s Atila and host/emcee Reza Salleh to the side!

Isaac Ho.

One half of Joanne & Julia.

This is the one without glasses, so we know she’s Joanne. (Edited because I mixed them up anyway, referring to a jumbled up memory instead of a previous blog entry which correctly identified them!)

Hello Luqman.


Feedback. Yes, that is their band name.

Reening Lau has company this time. This is a stitch of two photos.


Glass with a sexy bass.

Armand Tanzarian is an effect magician.

First featured act, Sid Murshid!

Jerry Lim on drums. If he looks familiar, it’s because he’s the younger brother of Eddy Lim of Rollin’ Sixers, who used to play drums back when they were called Triple6Poser.

Cheryl on bass as always.


Breaking the combo is Andy on guitar.

Beevees, because they are backup vocals, usually. They harmonized wonderfully, as BVs are expected to, and grooved to Little Mix – Wings.

Andy also played for the second featured act…

…the stellar Aina Abdul! Just when you thought she could not outdo her stage presence, she surprised us all with Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love.

It was a hard act to follow, but Wicked Stone succeeded.

The vocalist brought such rock energy, with an appropriately over-the-top Guns N Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine.

They also started with a slow Innuendo – Belaian Jiwa. Were they going to crank it up? Sure enough, they did, and we cheered! We were hoping they would, anyway.

Sound Of Sit.

They did a lounge version of Guns N Roses – November Rain, just as epic. How coincidental!

Buncho is a rap crew.

This guy looked so familiar. I told Cheryl that he was really Keino Mess in rapper disguise, wearing the hat to hide his trademark afro.

Happyfingers ended the night like The Don he was.

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