Moon June

Here are pictures from Moonshine: A Homemade Acoustic Show, 21st June 2008, at The Apartment, KLCC!

Yu-Ri and his acoustic rock.

Slowjaxx featuring Reza Salleh.

Random dark figure.

Zarul and the blues. I loved his Muddy Valley blues.

And yet another personal achievement – getting a bunch of people with 50mm prime lenses…

…in the Sony Alpha mount (except the guy in front here.) Five Alpha users in total. (One not pictured.) A rarity indeed.

Julian Mokhtar in a more chilled out state. Even his acoustic guitar fretboard is scalloped!

Zalila Lee drums for…

…soulful songbird Mia Palencia! Do not mess with her for she also does kickass vocal guitar solos.

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