Jazz Manifest

Rewind to the 25th of July 2008 – the Sunrise Mont Kiara Jazz Fest 2008!

With virtuoso drummer Lewis Prasagam

…and his keyboardist.

Oh, and of course, hot vocalist Diana Liu!

…not to say that Hunny Madu is not a sizzler herself. She got soul and a lot of funk, while keeping some hip hop sensibilities from her bygone days.

By now we have fast forwarded to the 2nd of August 2008.

The Basics: Adil burns up the saxophone and Hiro slaps on bass.

Hey you look like somebody’s sister!

Hiro playing some of the funkiest snaky basslines.

Gotta love big stage light!

Karen Nunis Blackstone.

An ever recurring bassist (even for Lewis.)

John Thomas

8 thoughts on “Jazz Manifest

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    …but but you called me or texted me and I was just calling back in response I swear! I don’t drunk dial yo!

    Imma good, I’m doing what I like doing best – clearing up my blog log.

  2. Chris Post author

    Apa la! I waved at you that day but I got no response. 🙁

    Anyhow, yeah, Hunny Madu and John Thomas were awesome.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Chris: Oh that was you!

    I most certainly won’t recognize you if you change your hairstyle or obscure it. That applies for everybody, for some reason. 🙁


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