Gliding High On Sugar

Sugar glider madness!

5 FPS at F1.4 and blending is not fast enough.

That, and you never know the exact point when they will jump.

So maybe you test the waters…

…or you divert to other cutesy things.

Oh and fragrant cockroaches (not that I’ve smelt… and that’s not my hand.)


Just a bit more!

So then we had an idea. What if we used the strobe function of my HVL-F56AM?

17mm F7.1 ISO200 at 1/10th of a second. It was probably 10 times at 100 Hertz at 1/32th power.

This was the first lucky shot, and it was also the last – every other time we tried, we’d fire the shutter and capture the sugar glider already landed. Either that, or we fired too early. It wouldn’t reliably jump, either.

I’d loved to have used a longer shutter speed to allow more time to catch the sugar glider… but longer shutter speeds would burn out the background, which was full of ambient light. Thus the only place this can happen is in a dark, dark studio…

7 thoughts on “Gliding High On Sugar

  1. KJ Post author

    well readers.. it’s still alive.. it’s just not with me right now..
    Glynx when she was 3 months old.. aw.. =) so adorable! hrmmm… miss em..

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    KJ: I’m not sure if they take after you or you take after them. Hmmm.

    saifulrizan: It’s jumping onto KJ.

    Will: Thanks! The blur is from the long shutter speeds used.


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