1 June Day

So David came down to town and we snapped some shots at a Sony dance competition in Berjaya Times Square!

Yep, Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan goodness. 😀

Judges, my goodness!

Pick me I turned my shirt logo the right way up!

And she looks on. 1.1 meters minimum focus distance, for the win!

The beercan renders me invisible.

I kena crept behind this uncle for this shot.

I did not creep in front of Suzanne Lee for this shot. Wah damn famous now got gallery in KLCC! (Okay, fine, there was another in Avenue K a long time ago…)

I tell you ah, last time ah, I went to eat by the roadside with her ah, she just modelled for an ad ah, and then now I know that money ah, went to buy a camera ah!

Pardon my uncle moment.

Oh, I crept again. Heh heh.

No creeping required for the most photographed building in Malaysia.

Though not so commonly, from the inside, I think.

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