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Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, 11th December 2008, at Laundry Bar KL. This is Deb Fung!

And this is Alarice. Very niiice!

Some originals, some covers, well done.

So what’s up with the different color? The lights, that’s what – they were a bright purple (LED lights made of Blue and Magenta, to be exact.) The only way I could correct this was to get a Custom WB reading off their faces, where it would read 9900 Kelvin, Green +9. Even then it would say “Error” (though I could still proceed and save this WB setting.) 9900 K warms up the colors (to counter the strong Blue) while Green is the opposite of Magenta.

If I set the Kelvin WB to 9900 Kelvin, Green +9, I would get a different color altogether – that meant that when it said “Error” it was really beyond 9900K G9 on the camera.

Other technical details – Minolta 50mm F1.4 at F2.0.

This duo came down from Australia!

For the record, I didn’t intentionally change the second picture to a black-and-white shot; I was fiddling around with the color settings.

Then, it was Emmett! Yes, Emmett of Butterfingers!

So this is what 9900K G9 looks like. Not so pronounced, and you can see the purple lights wreaking havoc on the skintones. But I like the color in the rest of this picture so I’ll let it pass.

Greg Henderson, famous producer! He also shreds and plays licks. More of him rocking out to be seen at Rock The World 8, as he filled in for Loque.

Dax on acoustic bass.

Fans from Singapore?

For who else but Jack

…and Rai! These guys from Singapore rock out in a electrocoustic way. They even had a song about that Singaporean model chick on TV whatshername uh…

I think he really, really looks like Paul McCartney here.

I told Emmett earlier, “I hate the lights“. He went “ha-ha.” I don’t think he knew what I meant – those darn LED lights!


Then, it was time for L-Mo from the UK to blow my mind. He was making bird noises when I took this picture.

He also does fingerstyle with plenty of guitar-tapping and popping. He was also beatboxing!

Normally when I hear somebody beatbox, they would do so with a delay loop pedal, where they’d make a beat, record it, overlay it with more vocals, add that to the mix, add guitar, mix it, then sing… live.

This guy operated without one!

He just played guitar and beatboxed at the same time.

Then he did the amazing vocal trumpet – something I’d only have seen live from Raul Midon. Madness! I would put his quirky level up there with Dave Matthews Band… but with a barrel of coffee.

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday Level 9 Wrapper! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the rest of you!

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