8 thoughts on “Where’s William’s?

  1. Waifon Post author

    oooh i found my house, my old house, my school and the jogging track im going to tmr. this is too fun. i can even tell how many swimming pools are there in the tmn tar housing area! haahahahahah

  2. hofuken Post author

    Oh, you know…

    I brought my A200 to SS2 Murni last time (the brother/sister troupe runs Murni and Williams).

    The William dude saw my camera and asked to try it out. After that, I asked him so how? He said, yeah, he has an A700. LOL !!!

  3. Albert Ng Post author


    Whenever I follow Justin (who has the A900) to Murni, he always calls the boss "fei chai". The boss has an A100 apparently. So he brings TT-worthy stuff for the boss to see!


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