Caught at Youth ’09.

Graphical text will get past the word filters, don’t worry. 🙂

Doof bags are crazy huge bean bags, which somehow mold to one’s shape quickly and hold it in place.

They are more fun in large amounts.

They are great fun to crash into.

I had a try. The 5 second pause at the end of the animation simulates that moment of calm and settling when you have molded with the Doof.

KJ was just flipping out!

They make the best seats, ever!

To answer the question – sell them for a very nice used price!

I got one. * 😀

Speaking of back seats…

Jangan pandang belakang.

Failed ad shot. See the logo is obscured by Gadiy’s head. But that kinda gels with their slogan on the banting, really.

So how do you bring them downstairs?

* Many have wondered when I will sell out and put advertisements on my blog. Well, the time is now! You are witnessing a historic moment. At least I’m being honest. But I’ll be honest also and say that these Doof bags are great fun! The fabric is pretty thick and feels like it can withstand a few beatings, somersaults, two-storey falls, topples and sharp bony a–es…

Oh, and how do you get one? From their site, Doof Industries.

8 thoughts on “DOOF!

  1. KJ Post author

    HAHAHA! main sampai pecah.. haha they recheck and got 2 rosak.. hahaha prolly is our fault.. or maybe not.. cause tons of people fleeted there.. =P

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Ewin: Haha, hope to see some shots from that! (But if there aren’t, I understand, it makes you just want to lie there…)

    KJ: I hope you haven’t broken your Doof bag!

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    smashpOp: The red signifies the wrong and the green, the right and bright.

    redphayze: Hmmm I’m not sure what games on the Wii allow you to be sitting down in a beanbag…


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