Leong To Return

I headed down to No Black Tie a certain 16th December 2008 to catch the return of Shelley Leong. Yes, she (or rather, her CD) goes well with wine!

But first, Zalila Lee the percussively funky!

Then, it was the return of Shelley Leong. Seriously.

Not so seriously.

Alda was having a minor time readjusting to the music. Each time Shelley comes back she turns the style of a song totally around, often in a fun way!

Rohnie Tan, guest, and Zalila percuss(es) as usual.

Then, it was the dramatic overture of rock that was Rendra Zawawi.

Hey man, you could just call it folk rock, acoustic or indie…

Well I do think there is a certain ingredient that is added.

Adil Johan adds sax to the mix.

The audience takes it all in.

There, I’ve broken the hiatus. I’m back!

3 thoughts on “Leong To Return

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Silencers: LOL thanks! I originally didn’t like it from a technical point of view due to her ever occluded eyes.

    aldo: Spotted indeed! I think your other punked hairstyle hides this somewhat.


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