Who Watches The Watchmen?

I do.

…and I liked it!

It really is not a movie for everybody, and that’s a bad thing, not a bad thing for the movie, but a bad thing that people don’t get it.

I liked The Spirit as well; it was understandable once you got past the part of Samuel L. Jackson with a toiletbowl and his little foot soldiers (geddit?) Or maybe I have a soft spot for such a badass. That’s kinda why I didn’t flip channels when Snakes On A Plane was on.

The plot was easy to follow as well – I didn’t feel lost. Dr. Manhattan’s and Rorschach’s mini-stories were fun to watch, too.

I enjoyed the period music (and that I recognized the artistes!) Earlier before watching the movie I heard a colleague playing Bob Dylan; I was surprised!

Me: Wow, you listen to Bob Dylan?
Rames: Yeah, this is from the Watchmen soundtrack!
(Later, Jimi Hendrix was playing.)
Me: Ooo, All Along The Watchtower! This was originally done by Bob Dylan. Lemme send it to you.

Little did I know that the Jimi Hendrix version was far more relevant to the movie – the song complete with electric guitar solo was the soundtrack to a kicking ass scene. (“two riders were approaching, and the wind began to howl” could not be more appropriate!)

I also really enjoyed their little montage through time, showing JFK’s bloody assasination (and The Comedian as the assasin!) It was no holds barred. The movie did not sugar-coat, or protect anything from little children. It was realistic – the bad guys acted realistically and the superheroes were realistic in knowing what they needed to do.

But how can they show superheroes as bad people?

Well, that’s real life. Who do you know is really good and noble and is good all the time? Eventually they become disheartened with their approach and give up being 100% good. You can be a good cop and catch a murderer, then just say “don’t do that again, life is precious!” and forgive the murderer and let him loose again. Is that going to work?

Also, are you 100% good only because you are paid to be?

How about politicians? Some of them do genuinely good things, but have little things like sex scandals. Some know better how to silence their secrets.

Why are they having sex all the time? How are they going to save the world?

Well, if I saw the Silk Spectre II in tight leather all the time (and perhaps nipple studs, but that’s left for Ozymandias) and saw her kicking ass, I too would jump her.

That leads to one basic law of attraction – people you watch become sexy to you.

A rock star standing by himself/herself is not sexy. A rock star rocking out, shouting and shredding on guitar is sexy.

A photographer standing by himself/herself is not sexy. A photographer directing and looking skillful (and not looking retarded squinting) is sexy.

A thespian standing by himself/herself is not sexy (and maybe might look a little odd.) A thespian acting in a play is going to get a lot of attention!

A girl I saw once was the frontwoman of a band; she would’ve looked normal otherwise, but when I saw her light up the stage, I knew I wanted to know her name, number and cook for her momma. Given that the only mishaps I make are in the kitchen I guess her momma would cook for me instead.

(Yes, that’s KFC Mashed Potatoes fresh from the microwave.)

It is also scientifically known that working out increases your sex drive. So let those superheroes bonk!

Then there’s another question – was Adrian Veidt actually a bad guy, even though you left the cinema thinking he was a good guy? I thought he could be bad, since it seemed like such a coverline that he’d wield the remote in time to save his bullet-dodging ass.

I thought it was noble that Rorschach realized Veidt was right, but he would not admit it – instead he left his fate to Dr. Manhattan.

Janey Slater: Why are you leaving me? Is it because I’m getting old?
Dr. Manhattan: But it’s true.

I could strongly relate to Dr. Manhattan, in the way I view the world in an outer, external way, with lessened concern for the people and their little concerns.

Near the end of the movie, when Seymour is asked by the newspaper editor to write an interesting story, the cinema ushers opened the doors… and people started flowing out. Did they all want to pee? I thought to myself, man you guys just didn’t get it.

Before the movie, a bunch of people in front of me were speaking Chinese. I thought then, if this was anything like The Spirit, you guys are not going to get it!

Also overheard – “Is this a cartoon? I think it is.” A pity then that the posters look like Batman & Robin hence the false impression.

I like these reviews found online:

I was not familiar with watchmen prior to seeing the movie. I had no trouble following the plot, knowing when we were in a flashback, or when we were in the “present.” I can see why the vast majority of idiots out there who like their stories spoon fed to them couldn’t follow it or didn’t understand it.

The problem watchmen had was that it was made for geeks and intellectuals, but advertised as the next big blockbuster. Watchmen is not going to have the same mass appeal as Xmen or or Spiderman, because the story goes deeper than they do into morality, philosophy, and human nature. That being said, the people who walked out of watchmen are, sadly, probably the people who could learn the most from a movie like it.

Posted by: T | Mar 12, 2009 4:41:28 PM

I think to many people went into this movie thinking they were going to see the superfriends.

– Conrad, age 41 (USA)

Oh, and finally, a star for Zack Snyder for keeping mostly to one of the most celebrated graphic novels of all time. Not that I’ve read it, but you can compare Wikipedia’s synopsis for the movie and graphic novel to see that they are pretty much the same!

14 thoughts on “Who Watches The Watchmen?

  1. J Post author

    I liked it too!

    And your ideas on sexy are interesting. Btw, working out isn’t the only thing that increases your sex drive, apparently powerful women are good better in bed too. Somehow sex seems to go hand-in-hand with saving the world. Hmmm.

  2. dimi Post author

    I enjoyed it tremendously. People just don’t get it, that’s all.

    Similar to what happened to The Spirit. If one looks at it in Eisner’s eyes when he was doing the strip in the 40’s or 50’s when, then people could understand why it is the way it is.

    Same with The Watchmen. Maybe Malaysian can’t relate with the underlying truth of how people, society are.

    The novel on it’s own is even more exciting.

    I just find it funny when some people blog that The Watchmen is not as good something Street Fighter.


  3. dimi Post author

    I just find it funny when some people blog that The Watchmen is not as good something like Street Fighter.

    Grammar error!

  4. shootkk Post author

    Ahahaha! So, a movie that appeals not to the mass consumers.. hmm.. interesting…

    Well, I guess those who did not get it were like those who did not get the ‘Matrix’ – I dunno how one could say the first one-third of the story is better than the rest!!

  5. hOcmun Post author

    "Near the end of the movie, when Seymour is asked by the newspaper editor to write an interesting story, the cinema ushers opened the doors… and people started flowing out"

    That happened yesterday when I watched the show too! I thought this show is easier to understand than the Spirit though. At least I followed what’s going on.

  6. noel Post author

    its good to hear that watchmen isnt a typical the heroes kill the villan and saves the world kinda movie. by looking at the poster i had the impression that it was something like the justice legue. hahaha but i’ve yet to watch it.

    oh btw albert, i dont think that the small plastic container from KFC was meant to be put into the micro.

  7. ahmike Post author

    I like the Watchmen soundtrack :
    "The Beginning is The End is The Beginning" – The Smashing Pumpkins

    Yup this movie not really for lots of ppl. Cos the is a mutli-story . BUT i Love IT!

  8. EVo Post author

    Ahaha…i was told not to watch this show coz it’s a waste!

    Like the title too, who watches the watchmen lol. MPSJ kut.hahaha..

  9. Lex Post author

    I loved it but!!!!!! But let’s face it, it felt a bit like 300 lahh… synder slaughtered it! 😀

    ooo they should have used jeff buckley’s version of hallelujah instead, more passionate. haha

  10. Albert Ng Post author

    shootkk: Well to be honest I never really got the whole concept of The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. I pretty much forgot.

    hOcmun: Some people I talked to think they got it but still didn’t like it. Probably they didn’t appreciate its deepness.

    xj: Somehow, I forgot I was watching a movie, like it sucked me into a live graphic novel. Still, pretty entertaining!

    J: True that! I shall ask women if they are ‘power’.

    dimi: They might realize it but not want to relate it – movies are usually an escape from reality. And man, Gen was full of profound philosocrap which whisked by so fast I didn’t even get to feel its corniness.

    noel, you should. The Extraordinary League Of Gentlemen, V For Vendetta and Watchmen were all written by Allan Moore. And yes I know now about the KFC container LOL!

    Lex: Fortunately I am not well-read enough to have any reference. Jeff’s might’ve been a bit too histrionic.

    ahmike: Crap, I HAD "The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning" but now I can only find "The End Is The Beginning Is The End"!

    EVo: If you felt The Matrix 1-2-3 was profound, you should go watch it.

    The picture is from Penang though LOL!

  11. dk Post author

    yo you’re right. ‘watchmen’ is for geeks. already expected that most of my friends would’ve found it boring


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