Playing Guitar Hero is choosing the devil!

Yes, that’s what Harian Metro says on the front cover. Full article here (thanks Silencers for the find!)

There is also a bit with a psychologist from UITM here. He does not mention anything about choosing the devil before playing.

I don’t know about devils, but this guy here could be a pirate. He’s playing Guitar Hero using a gamepad, instead of the original Guitar Hero controller guitar that comes with the game!

Or he could be a cheapskate, buying only the game, which is possible, but is no fun.

Tou simply can’t choose the devil. Unless you confuse King Diamond or Lars �mla�t for the devil. Lars is just a black metal dude, that’s all!

Ironically, the game lets you choose the God Of Rock but not a devil.

You also battle the devil in Guitar Hero 3 with Steve Ouimette – The Devil Went Down To Georgia (which is a devillishly hard song.) Funny thing is, Charlie Daniels, who wrote the song, says the devil very often wins in his blog. Which is quite… true, since it’s one of the two hardest songs in the game!

Speaking of which, here’s the original.

9 thoughts on “Playing Guitar Hero is choosing the devil!

  1. noel Post author

    i have no idea they had people dumb enough in this world that would write something as dumb and pointless as that…

    “Permainan ini pelik kerana mampu menyebabkan saya hilang kawalan kerana terlalu asyik selain merasakan diri seolah-olah berada dalam dunia lain."

    isnt that what normally happens when kinds play video games?

    this people are just dumb…

  2. dreamingArtemis Post author

    Well remember in Malaysia, "all newspapers belong to them (gov)". It’s not like they can talk about say like a certain Mr.C4? hahaahahahahaahahaha

    seriously, they obviously have some sick religious writers or editor in that paper. We have more worrying things to report and they go on ranting about video games. How about the economy? The environment? The fucking crime rate?! isn’t that against all "religions"?

  3. Silencers Post author

    "isnt that what normally happens when kids play video games?"

    That’s is what’s <i>supposed</i> to happen when you play games. Good games will immerse and draw you in so much that you forget you’re playing a game.

  4. Syakir Post author

    Welcome to culture clash.

    Malaysians not familiar with Western culture is puzzled when Westerners use devils and demon-looking characters in humorous and jovial manner. Lorne from TV series Angel, for example. They instantly react very negatively to the material.

    Ignorance can turn bad when they get get in your face.

    On the flip side, some Starbuck Malaysians who love Western culture take it too far when they attack religion and become hostile to people they consider backwards.


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