7th January 2009, Andrew Netto Live at No Black Tie with opening/closing act, The Ramanados!

Greg’s brother Herman takes over vocal duties due to poor Greg losing his voice.

And then it was time for the youngest standup comedian in Malaysia, Andrew Netto!

Full house at No Black Tie, as usual…

Gotta love his African impression.

The place was so packed, even the stairways filled up! And ironically even his dad doesn’t get a seat. (Obviously, he moved over to the stairs…)

Over here sir.

Having taken a look at the month’s calendar for a few entertainment establishments, I feel it’s honestly a rarity to have stand-up comedy night.

And now for some drums!

Greg tries a few bars. Gotta love their cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers – Havana Affair (which was a cover of The Ramones – Havana Affair…)

Stevie can do it too!

My Kermit failed.

Outside No Black Tie, everything was in color!

Processed using my How to make low-contrast black-and-white from digital color photos tutorial.

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