Something I just got, the Octopus DM-6, from Studio Zaloon, lets me do this pointless exercise in removing TTL.

Or, the off-camera wired flash for the A900.

I am just waiting for the HVL-F20AM.

Now, for a way to make this into a proper bracket… (I’ve always been able to use this setup before the Octopus DM-6.)

The Octopus DM-6 in action, attached to my Sony HVL-F58AM.

Top left: Octopus DM-6 bottom, ISO hotshoe
Top right: Seagull SC-5 top, ISO hotshoe
Bottom left: Octopus DM-6 top, iISO hotshoe
Bottom right: Seagull SC-5 bottom, iISO hotshoe

Note that both the Octopus DM-6 and Seagull SC-5 have PC Sync ports; as such, you can use the Seagull SC-5 on an Alpha, to trigger other flashes via PC Sync, and you can use the Octopus DM-6 on an Alpha flash, to be triggered via PC Sync.

A rare find, only at Studio Zaloon, Pudu Plaza; who’d have seen this in person? The Sony FA-HS1AM hotshoe adapter. Same thing as the Seagull SC-5, but with a battery, and an internal voltage protection circuit, for old flashes that were over 6 volts and tended to fry unsuspecting camera hotshoes!

This gadget makes it safe.

Also found there, an iISO flash extender! AMAZING! The right side also comes with a tripod mount and ISO hotshoe foot so you can put it on your classic Type A umbrella clamps.

I found this trio of Stofen imitation caps at DigitalsMania, Pudu Plaza. The white one is slightly warming; the orange one does 3600K; the green one is 4500K M9 (a bit more green, and not terribly consistent.)

I’d say the orange one is more commonly used in ballrooms, though I prefer the look of 2500-3200K myself. 3600K I’d guess is a half CTO (Color Temperature Orange). The full CTO flash gels I have are rated 3200K.

3 thoughts on “Adapterbility

  1. jq Post author

    hey they have colour stofen? how much are they? the grenn colour gel i bought in zaloon produce wayyy greener than this, haha guess can only use it for special effect.

  2. Jimmy Post author

    can we attach pocket wizards or radiopoppers to that PC Sync? Some say the converters would not work with PW or RPs but I’ve yet to try them (they’re a fortune a piece).

    Oh I wish Sony would come out with Radio triggers.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    jq: Yep LOL. Total RM50 for 3, quite a good bargain, though I was buying them for a colleague. And yes the green isn’t consistent but then neither is flourescent light LOL.

    Jimmy: I don’t know, I’ve to hook them up to macdude’s to find out.


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