Stitch, Stitch, Stitch!

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I went back to the clinic today and got my stitches removed. The doctor also said I should leave it open. Ouch! So this is what anybody who sees me, will see. Just a visual preparation yo.

I might as well stick my hands out and do a Frankenstein walk.

Also, DJ Bunga (of Twilight Action Girl) called me to ask how I was doing. He also said I should’ve told them on the spot that I was hit, and they would have stopped the music and got the security to check everybody for sharp objects. Dang, I did not evade the hit, but I evaded common sense.

The stitch and scar would apparently take 3-4 months to clear. So supposing it takes on average 3.5 months which is 105 days, which is 2520 hours, which is 151200 minutes.

Wolverine, as seen in movies, takes on average 5 minutes to get a cut, maybe 4.75 minutes for him to be knocked down before his rapid healing kicks in, and 15 seconds of screen time for it to heal. So, dividing 151200 minutes by 5 minutes, we can gather that Wolverine’s rapid healing is 30

19 thoughts on “Stitch, Stitch, Stitch!

  1. Syakir Post author

    Get better bro! You are like KL’s urban subculture ambassador… sucks for ya to get hurt.

  2. szetoo Post author

    aiyo albert why like that! party safe! heal soooooon! well if you’ve always wanted to get a tattoo on the side of your face, at least that’s a temp preview!

  3. J Post author

    Well, you can always kind of break the scar open and you’ll be the *real* Broken Scar! 😀

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Syakir: Indeed sucks for anybody to get hurt especially randomly!

    Pao Tee: Maybe I should call you Paw Tee instead hmmm.

    punkstereo: Yeah I’m alright thanks man. 🙂

    szetoo: Wow, I don’t think I see tattoos on faces often!

  5. marianne Post author

    hey albert. get well soon yea =)
    was pretty shocked to see your previous post bout your injury. but am glad that you’re doing fine there. *hugs* take care yea! i’ll get more sour worms for you next time lol.

  6. Albert Ng Post author

    J: LOL! He has his story about how he came to that name.

    ahmike: Yep, I sure will!

    Shah.Legno: Ouch! That’s three times mine. 🙁

    marianne: Ah, Australian delight! (I like Fredo chocolate too.)

    ShaolinTiger: Yep, hope it does.


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